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Dating flash

Bumble takes this away, giving that ability to women only.

I mean, thats why there is an unmatch and report feature :) Plus, had a fairly awkward experience on Bumble..

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Hey Everyone- We just released Flash Dating, an i OS app that makes connecting online more authentic, safe, and fun.

I agree- but i think people who generally take selfies are a bit more comfortable with themselves, and maybe that creates a unique community. but you get where I am going with that ;)Our photos aren't ephemeral like Blumes.

We are thinking about light filters, but very very light. No one should hide who they are- it just leads to problems down the road...

Come check out Flash Dating, and join our growing community of "up-to-date" singles. Thanks, - Wills (co-founder)You say "Each Active Photo lasts for two weeks, or until you remove it/update it" - so how is this different to what people can already do? Is this angle a big enough one to attract the large audience needed to make this app takeoff?

What could be an interesting add-on would be if you had to take an 'Active Photo' (Selfie) every time you try and message a match for the first time.

For better or worse, it gives one a better sense of who that person is, a 'first impression' if you will, and those are everything.That's what makes flash unique- As for the audience, there really isn't any loyalty. I use them all, and had many bad dates so we tweaked it so We can find love online without the awkward encounters you find on what's currently out there.As for our plan, well, stay [email protected] I think Bumble is a gimmick.They see your real Active Photo or selfie that's up to date, and your other uploaded photos. And two weeks, you're look doesn't change too much.Plus you can always change it or expire it, not being visible to people other then those you've matched with.

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Ultimately a dating app needs users and the 'active photo' seems like a feature that others could implement IMO. If you match someone on a dating app, exchange a few sentences and then meet up straight away then you have to accept the possibility that you could be in for a shock.