Dating hi standard pistol

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Dating hi standard pistol

In a few months the seed money was all spent, but by then the first 100 Standard pistols had been built and distributed to the initial purchasers.

From the time of its introduction in the fall of 1949, the new pistol was a success, and though it faced competition from the beginning, it soon dominated a large share of the rimfire pistol market segment.

e small blue guide, sold at most gun shows for $ 8.00, entitled "Colt's" from Dates of Manufacture - 1837 t0 1978 by R. I have found no books or written information on this gun, containing exact serial numbers by year. It shows both these pistol dates as well as others. This will give you the information only that you need for the Colt's.

  The Remington Model 51 in both the .380ACP and the scarcer.32ACP dates of manufacture is something harder to find.

Realizing that prospective buyers would share his sentiment, Sturm quickly signed on board with an initial investment of ,000 and the two teamed up to create what was to become an iconic American firearms manufacturing company, Sturm, Ruger and Co..

Ruger’s new product was simply christened the “Standard” model.

The Ruger Standard model, also known as the Ruger Mark I, is a rimfire semi-automatic pistol introduced in 1949 as the first product manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co., and was the founding member of a product line of .22 Long Rifle cartridge handguns.

It was marketed as an inexpensive .22 caliber rimfire intended for casual sport and target shooting, and plinking. Ruger, the Standard model and its offspring went on to become the most accepted and successful .22 caliber semi-automatic pistols ever produced.

Standard models came with Patridge style fixed iron open sights with the rear sight securely mounted in a dovetail.These pistols were shipped in special wooden cases and featured an engraving of Bill Ruger’s signature.Introduced in 1950, the MK I Target model was basically the same as the Standard pistol, except that it boasted a 6.875-inch (17.46 cm) barrel, adjustable target style trigger, a “Micro” adjustable rear sight, and a front sight blade undercut to reduce glare.The Standard model was under constant production in basically the same form for the next 33 years, but the new corporation expanded the basic Standard archetype into a product line of pistols over time by the introduction of a number of variant models.These took the form of offering additional barrel lengths and configurations, creating versions optimized for target shooting, and adding the finish option of stainless steel.

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