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Define liquidating assets

It is a way for a business that has run out of funds to cover any remaining debts.

The main reason a business would choose to liquidate their assets is due to insolvency.

Liquidate comes from the Latin liquidare, meaning “to melt,” or “to clarify.” A recipe might ask you to liquefy the butter, not liquidate it, because liquidate has to do with assets.

To liquidate is to convert stocks or goods into cash by selling them, to finish business neatly, and to clear debts.

As an alternative, it can sell its entire inventory to a liquidator, who will pay a lower price for the products but will take possession of them and pay for them immediately.

A business has several options from which to choose when it liquidates its inventory.The company notifies its employees, its vendors, its creditors and its customers that it is closing up shop.It pays its taxes and fulfills its contractual obligations.Insolvency essentially means that a business reaches a point where it is not able to make necessary payments when they are due.Choosing liquidation converts the business assets to cash, which is then used to make these payments.

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It can use the distribution channels it has always used to sell its products, with prices slashed so low that customers can't resist them.

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