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I think most negative comments here are just due to jealousy.

If anyone of you have any questions then you can ask me 1st hand: [email protected] will answer any question.this is one of the reasons why we have racial tenssions caus other people have a problem with accepting the other cultures.my question is one: who said which culture is right and which is wrong and what if when you die and wherever you go you find that you were wrong all along?if you have a problem with African cultures then why dont you stay in europe and not look what Africans are doing caus im sure you will live a better life that way.We swazis are proud of who we are and this shows that we still have our identnty, I also wonder what nationality is GUEST, from what I read I can sureley say you do not even respect the english language looking at you comment so it means you do not have respect for anything even yourself.

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GOD created us in different geographical locations and becaus of that we have different cultural beliefs.