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Muddy boots dating site

It does, after all, describe itself also as a matchmaking site.Due to it being a rather small niche dating site, Muddy Matches only seems to have roughly 5,000 members.When you sign in, you will also have to state your ‘Muddy’ ratio, a ratio which determines whether you are more of a townie or a country person.You don’t have to be chained to the keyboard in order to search for rural singles.

This it to help pinpoint the nearest singles to you.We’re constantly encouraging guys to take the next step, but they seem to get stuck after registration. I don’t know any farmer who isn’t online these days, but that wasn’t true five years ago. Internet connections may not be great—we have a lot of problems getting broadband in the countryside—but everyone’s connected. I get the sense they’re geared towards cowboys and cowgirls. We’re horsey people, and we have milkmaids, but cowboys are an American thing. In America, I picture just these massive fields with several combines going at once. Take a look at the pictures on our site; you’ll see what I mean. For starters they could let me look at their website. How does your approach differ from Farmers Only, the big farmer dating site in the U. Would you ever want to hang out with the Farmers Only founders? We have to ask: have you and/or Emma met your Muddy Match? (laughs) It seemed like an ethical conflict, taking people’s money and vetting their profiles, then trying to date them. Muddy Matches is the UK's premier farmer dating site.Like all the good ones, the Reeves’ idea was hatched over a couple of pints.

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It’s free to register and as a ‘Free Member’ you can carry out unlimited searches on the website, add or edit your profile, upload your photos, see who has visited your profile, select your favourites and see who has added you to their favourites or sent you a message.

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