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Self updating map

According to the company, each Tele Atlas map updated – of which there is at least one per quarter – includes “thousands of miles of new roads and Points of Interest”.

It also takes into account changes and corrections made through Tom Tom’s Map Share service, where users can notify the company of any incorrect mapping they have come across.

Significantly, these enhancements enable the reporting of analysis results that can be fully traced to and reproduced using their source data.

However, to realize this possibility, a continually updated road map of files in the TCGA is required.

Indeed, as the TCGA and other collaborative initiatives of this scope evolve and expand, it is not reasonable to expect that they will conform to a narrowly defined format or structure for the duration of the initiative.

As a consequence, an attempt to use the 2010 RDF road map linked above to traverse the current contents of the TCGA initiative is likely to produce a significant number of unresolvable links to data files.

These specific design elements align with the concept of knowledge reengineering and represent a sharp departure from top-down approaches in grid initiatives such as Ca BIG.

They also present a much more interoperable and reproducible alternative to the still pervasive use of data portals.

For example, as illustrated in a webcast accompanying that manuscript ( GU4), one could identify which files describe patients from a specific cancer center that provided samples that were profiled for DNA copy number variation.Availability: A prepared dashboard, including links to source code and a SPARQL endpoint, is available at Contact:[email protected] Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a joint project of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) to comprehensively apply genome analysis technology to the study of the biomolecular basis of cancer (NCI Wiki, 2011).Concretely, this project has analyzed tumor and normal samples from over 6000 patients, which resulted in the collection and public availability of 37 types of genomic and clinical data for 33 cancers.New buyers get the first update free, if it’s released within thirty days of their first using the GPS.Motivation: Since 2011, The Cancer Genome Atlas’ (TCGA) files have been accessible through HTTP from a public site, creating entirely new possibilities for cancer informatics by enhancing data discovery and retrieval.

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As a consequence, the opportunity to develop versioned road maps, programmatically interoperable via SPARQL is now at hand.