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I was at home not feeling very well the day of the release and after I finally got out of bed, I noticed twitter was abuzz with people trying to get either online or in line to pre-order the new i Phone.I didn’t even realize that it was pre-order day, but I saw people saying they couldn’t get online and that the Apple store page was down, etc. Apple’s site was definitely hanging, but AT&T’s site seemed fine.I use my 16GB i Phone 4 with a black case with bunny ears for emailing and Tweeting on the go (follow me at @chloecrossx).I seem to always be out the house and doing things, so I'll often email someone interview questions while I'm out running errands or finish an article while I'm getting my hair done.I hardly used it and since Instagram is the only photo programme I use now, my i Phone is adequate enough.

Don't read my articles if you're a prude - they might offend you as I usually write about sex and other rude things.Still, it’s a good time and I hope that this gets more people to come around on the video chat thing.But even if it doesn’t happen on its own, there are apparently already i Phone 4 video sex chat lines hiring operators so the adult entertainment industry is poised to move along technology, as usual.I write down notes using a pen and paper when I get the opportunity - I've noticed that my handwriting is getting worse and worse because I always type, so I'm trying to make an effort to get it looking pretty again.I used to have a Nikon D40 but I sold it a few months ago to pay a month's rent.

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I didn’t watch the keynote, so I really wasn’t ready for the shiny-pretty goodness. Then what most surprised me was how many articles were written with people saying how awesome the video chatting looked and how great it would be.

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