Validating fckeditor stages of christian dating

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Validating fckeditor

When i use Required Field Validator for Validation FCKEditor , The first time that the form gonna submit, Required Field Validator prompt (Error Message) and indicate that FCKEditor is empty ,while it isn't .Again if you try to submit the form, It's OK and there is no problem .I wonder if I'd installed that module before I installed the FCK editor if that would make a difference? Do you think I should remove them all and put them back in?I just tried it in Firefox and don't have the capitalization issue (was on IE), though the backsplash is still there. Yup, then I think I know exactly what the problem is.either clientsidevalidation function using javascript and servervalidate.Difference between them is servervalidate method takes server trip while in clientsidevalidation all validations fire at once without server trip.

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Any hints or ideas for me, because i´m not fit in javascript...

Hi to everybody, I have a problem validating a textarea generated by fckeditor with PHP.

Drupal serves XHTML tags, but the metatags say text/html, which I think confuses IE into putting out HTML tags which are allowed to be uppercase, and HTML does not have the / in self closing tags.

I don't think this is IMCE Wysiwyg Brige's fault because it does not interact with the content directly.

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