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Who is christine bellport dating

It has a very soothing R&B quality to it and even dabbles in Saloon Style Americana and Psychadelic funk popular in the 70's.

Any fans of any of these musical styles will enjoy this latest release from The Blue Olives.

It's clearly marketed for those who like a male singer with a tongue and cheek mystique of say a Dr. But there is a powerhouse side to this band as well with sounds similar to Rare Earth, Stevie Ray Vaughn and even Little Feat.

I get the impression Turner and company are just rolling with what they knows as performers/songwriters within each one of these songs.

Everything about this band displays why they are such an amazing well respected live band.

The song arrangements were brilliant, especially the horn section that really displayed an attention to detail with their intertwined instrumental harmonies.

This coupled with clever lyrical content makes for an interesting musical statement that flows and ebbs it’s way through to musical fruition.

Track 3 “Side by Side” serves up a methodical intro eventually lending itself into an impressive ballad with passionate vocal delivery and impressive musical finale. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures overflowing everywhere, full of passion, variety and strong melodic structure.

It’s strong suit – the amazing creative genius of all members.The lead vocals and vocal harmonies are flawless and they had a ton of energy on stage with their mix of blues, rock, and funk for 3 hours.The best part of this band goes far beyond the music they play.I also get the impression that these guys know what they're doing both behind the glass and on a stage.The band has played over 3,000 shows to date and has been awarded winner: Best Vocal Ensemble and Cover Band (2010) and Best Jazz Ensemble (2009) From start to finish this CD from Dave Turner and company is a very pleasurable and entertaining musical experience.

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